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GoaBlitz has quickly become a name synonymous with high-quality standards-based web development in Goa. It also focuses in the field of Internet advertising.

The company was started at a time when it was felt that so much more could be done for local Goan businesses through the reach of the Web. The initial focus was to work closely with small-time companies. However, in just a few months' time, it has put a number of both small and big businesses on the Web.

GoaBlitz designs and builds simple, usable, and attractive interfaces that account for speed, file size, readability and accessibility, all using web standards. To put that in simple English: while most other design companies are still stuck using table-based designs and outdated HTML design techniques, all our clients' sites are coded with semantic tableless XHTML and CSS and conform with contemporary Web standards set by bodies like the W3C.

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